Thursday, January 16, 2014

To PL or not to PL

This is a daunting question as it is quite an investment. Do I attempt my hand at Project Life (PL) or do I go a different, more personal approach? I have invested some in the PL products; I got the big honkin' binder and some 12 X 12 layout sheets, but I have yet to open them. I also purchased some PL cards from the Becky Higgins line. There are some other PL products on Amazon I have my eye on, but I'm not sure PL is for me. What I've always wanted to do with photographs or to document my life (insert Documented Life Project pun here) is to get an old photograph book, you know the kind with photo corners to insert your photographs, but when I've looked for them, they always seemed so pricey, well in retrospect to the investment needed for PL, it's downright cheap! So...I still need to decide if I attempt PL or find an alternative.

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