Sunday, February 9, 2014

DLP Challenge 3

Ah yes, DLP challenge 3, I thought it might be a bit tricky. Ya see, I don't get much mail, never really have, so I thought this challenge might well, pose as a challenge, but alas it was my lucky week as I got bills! Yay for mail, nay for bills. Insert frown here. Then I started open my beloved bills, but yikes! I started opening them from the top when I wanted to open them from the side as to create a pocket, but I quickly realized the error of my ways and started opening them as to have a pocket opening from the top. And no, there was no wocket in my pocket *sad face* but I did look! I didn't know exactly how to embellish my pocket o' mail so it just laid there open on my journal sitting beside me on my desk everyday. I started finding snippets from magazines and laying them down on the envelope and you guessed it, started to collage my envelope. I just kept tearing out images from magazines for my collages and the items that were reasonably sized and that caught my attention more so than other images ended up on my envelope. As it were, it was also the week of my dad's birthday and I just happen to wrap his present in a wrapping paper that I loved and of course, it was one he might like as well. I wanted to repurpose his wrapping paper and use on my envelope as a background for my collage elements. You can't really see the wrapping paper all that well now, but it's there and I know it. I also used some images from a Chipolte paper bag that was used in a package I got in the mail that week. It had some funny images and sayings that I incorporated into my DLP and on the envelope.

Of course I had to put something in the envelope after going through all that trouble to create a slit at the top for a pocket, where there was no wocket. Usually I just use tags to wipe up excess paint from my craft mat, but as it were, none of them turn out all that well so I decided to create a new tag. I started with my Montana paint markers on the front with some splatters and then used ink on the tag on the back. I used some some lace on the side and added FINDING made by my trusty ol' label maker to complete the saying "finding perfect balance." And no, perfect balance was not on the Chipolte bag, it was simply something I cut out from a magazine. And there you have it. 

Thanks for reading,

Erika aka MsShutterbugg

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